Design Inspiration: The New Yorker / January 2015 Cover

Reactions to tragedy can bring upon some of the most inspirational and impactful moments. Most, if not all of us can recall a moment of tragedy in our lives. A moment of extreme loss and vulnerability can bring the most sturdy of people to their knees. It takes a bold, and in this case, brave statement to bring hope and comfort to those who were deeply impacted by tragedy. The New Yorker cover art for January 2015 is one of the most uplifting and emotional statements I can remember.

The colors are minimal - allowing for color to have a greater impact. Tragedy is represented well with the use of blacks, whites and the especially striking blood red. The hand drawn, natural sketch brings a human feeling of emotion.

Great design solves a problem.

Great design solves a problem. In this case, the deaths of French newspaper cartoonists brought on by terrorist attacks were designed to incite fear - ultimately to establish control over the journalistic message. The strong statement of rising above fear with a symbolic pencil paired with the iconic sillhouette of the Eiffel Tower exhibits much needed strength for those affected by this tragedy.