A New and Different Apple Ad

Apple's new MacBook Air ad struck me as different than any they have done in the past. It's been a while since Apple has focused on their line of MacBook Airs and this one seemed to have a different tone.

No Shiny MacBook Airs

For the first time in an Apple ad, a product was shown scratched, marked and scuffed. Stickers and decals were proudly showcased dancing around the lit Apple logo on the face plate of a series of MacBook Airs. With the title "A notebook people love." the ad focused on how people show their love.

What I find intriguing is how Apple is showing their products in ads lately. The recent iPhone ads boasts the theme "You're more powerful than you think." and shows how people are using their iPhones. This MacBook Air ad is along the same lines but much more visual. In a marketing sense, Apple's distinction seems to be shifting a bit away from the message of well-built machines with sharp and clean lines to the emotional angle of letting the device be an extension of the user. I can only see this theme continuing with the rumors of the .

With the recent shift in tone I'm seeing at Apple, it's tempting to be the guy that sputters "that would have never happened under Steve's watch". Ultimately that point is moot. Without Steve, Apple needed a new personality and I think they have found it in Tim Cook and the new direction. Exciting times for Apple fans.